I have designed my own business card, can you print it for me?
Although we provide re-print services for business cards that we design, we also print business cards (and other media) that other designers did or you did yourself. It must, however, conform with our format and specifications. $50 setup fee will be charge if we need to convert your file to meet printing standards.

I want to update my website, can I do that?
YES. You can either update your website using any WYSIWYG application, hard-coding or using your CMS access.

I want to cancel my account with ARTUS360 and hire another designer, now what?
If you decided that you no longer needed our service, we will transfer your domain registration to you or to your chosen registrar and give you copy of your website contents on CD. This only applies if WE register the domain for you and WE hosts your website.

Can you update my website?
Yes! We only charge $50/hour for any updates in your website. This includes text contents, uploads, removing files.

How much do you charge for a simple website?
Please see our Rates and Prices page.